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Today he is one of the high profile video bloggers/partners of You Tube.Now moving on to his physique, Bryan is a tall man.Lastly, Bryan has also made name for himself as an You Tube actor.His now and then posts plot/situation/live interaction based fun videos in collaboration with fellow You Tube Johnnie Gulibert and other members from MDE.Impressively, his notable work credentials include interviewing various famous metal and rock acts such as Asking Alexandria, Pierce the Veil, Tonight Alive, Sleeping With Sirens, Black Veil Brides, Blood on the Dance Floor, The Reasy Set, Blesthefall, escape the Fate, Of Mice & Men, Korn, Creed, Memphis my Fire, Cannibal Corpse, Slipknot, Dying Fetus, Hellyeah, White Chapel, All Shall Perish, In Flames, and Triyium, and also stars such as Rob Zombie, Cody Simpson, Keri Hilson, Mitchel Musso, and some American Idol winners.Moreover, he is also known for Brainnews, which is a music related shows dedicated to metal and rock.Later, he went on to study at the University of Nebraska after graduating from the Lincoln High school.

Furthermore, he is a slender man possessing a fit shapely body.

More precisely, Bryan moved to the states from Japan with his American parents at the age of 8.

School-kid Bryan was devastated when he experienced more candid American culture in contrast to collective and conservative Japanese culture.

If you may, Bryan went through a life changing event in 2011.

The event was You Tube's first Next Up Contest in collaboration with Google.

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