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She was able to execute the roles of both characters so seamlessly that viewers were likely none the wiser about the inner turmoil she faced.

Celebrity love stories are abundant across the entertainment landscape.

She tweeted, "Yes but it has made me that much more disciplined in my thoughts.

So it has been a blessing in disguise." , the Disney alum shared that it was her "dark" and "craziest childhood imaginable" that sent her into a tailspin. And if I do, I keep going, like I know it's going to pass." Following her dad's passing, Cameron and her mom moved to Los Angeles where she enrolled in a new school.

Cameron has always used her Twitter to talk about important issues that not only she has faced but that a lot of kids have also experienced.

One of her Twitter followers asked if she suffered from anxiety, and, as usual, Cameron was very candid with her answer.

Although she dealt with the disorder "a lot," she didn't resort to medication to combat it. She battled with depression during those early years and found that acting helped her through that tumultuous period in her life.

One time, another girl at school purposely spilled a drink on a dress Cameron had crafted."When I found that out [that he was closeted], I was like, everything adds up," she said, before describing him as a sensitive person who had "bursts of anger." While Cameron may not talk about her father much, her fans may be able to learn even more about her dad's life one day if things go as planned."I'd really like to write a movie about him one day," she revealed to star was actually born as Chloe Celeste Hosterman.When a fan noted on Twitter that it must be like Cameron's father is talking to her every time someone calls her "Dove," Cameron replied, "Exactly." Okay, is someone cutting onions in here? , the actress spoke about being "too much of a people pleaser" at one point in her life.She explained, "A lot of performers are, that's just the nature of performing — it completely relies on how people feel about you.

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While she's in a much better place these days, she has admitted to feeling down about her appearance in the past.

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