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This will be the first time I have a song of my own in a movie that I’ve made.” Steinfeld won an award at the MTV EMAs in 2017 and she is a nominee again this year.Acting and singing her way into the entertainment industry, Hailee Steinfeld is a name that only a few would not recognize.A talented and rising artist, she made headlines when she portrayed the character of Mattie Ross in the movie, into the mix, she is a significant figure in Hollywood.

She is also a performer at the awards, taking the stage with a performance of her new song “Back to Life”, according to Billboard. When the song came out, Steinfeld posted this message online, “I can’t believe this is finally happening.As for now, it looks like she is back with one of her previous love interest, Cameron Smoller.With pictures of Hailee and Cameron circulating all over the internet, rumors have spread that the two are back together.reports they were shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue and the visit was short and sweet with 24-year-old Niall squeezing in any time he could in between tour dates. 15 August 2018: Okay, we got the proof we needed, guys.The couple are spotted kissing in a car park after shopping at a Target in Los Angeles.

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