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She holds American nationality and belongs to white ethnicity. In her high school days, she took piano and dance lesson.

Since an early age, she was outstanding in both math and science and her dream was to study at Stanford University.

Google is famously consuming of its employees' lives, so it's not a surprise that people should develop relationships at the workplace.

But, astonishingly, even in this mound of trivial color, not one mention of the fact that she dated one of Google's billionaire founders. Well, it's at least as relevant as the fact that Mayer the posture of the ballet dancer she was in her youth.

And let's not pretend there's no significance in the tight connections of Google's founders and their first employees.

Married Straight Zachary Bogue Marissa Mayer has 3 children.

Marissa Mayer (Marissa Ann Mayer) born on May 30, 1975, in Wausau, Wisconsin, United States was raised along with her younger brother Mason Mayer by her father Michael Mayer, an environmental engineer and mother Margaret Mayer, an art teacher.

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In 2013, Marissa was also ranked as the 50 most powerful women in business and recognized as a younger woman to be listed by Forbes.

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