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But soul mates who come together under the auspices of a ballad about doomed love can only stay together for as long as it takes one to plug the other with a penknife.Within about a year, the pair had split, an event which inspired much of , Cave’s most anguished and deeply personal album.Harvey even continues to work often with Bad Seed and Birthday Party band member Mick Harvey (who, though they share a last name, is not related to her).And what better way to bridge two series about Nick and Polly Jean than with their (in)famous duet “Henry Lee,” from Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds’ Murder Ballads?The two were musical collaborators and lovers for a short but memorable time, and both have built extensive careers by reinventing their sound over and over.Both melt down elements of blues and folk and then hammer the alloy into the fiercest, shiniest swords you’ve ever seen.

Furthermore, her husband has two daughters from his previous relationship.Several of its songs are directly and obviously about Harvey, including “Black Hair,” “Green Eyes,” “West Country Girl” (Nick Cave Monday #32), and quite possibly “Into My Arms,” which Tony Du Shane called “the greatest love song ever written” in Nick Cave Monday #8.As for Harvey, her personal life remains mostly mysterious, and her lyrics are usually from a character’s point of view, not her own.In the video, Cave and Harvey are styled to look exactly like each other, as if they were matched at an elemental level—and in many senses, they were.If Cave wanted to make an album about murder ballads, he couldn’t have picked a better duet partner than Harvey, with her lyrics about drowning children and cutting off lovers’ legs so they can’t walk away.

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I lost my heart Under the bridge To that little girl So much to me And now I moan And now I holler She'll never know Just what I found That blue eyed girl She said "no more" That blue eyed girl Became blue eyed whore Down by the water I took her hand Just like my daughter I'll see her again Oh help me Jesus Come through this storm I had to lose her To do her harm I heard her holler I heard her moan My lovely daughter I took her home Little fish, big fish, swimming in the water.

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