Why is the government mandating digital tv

Some of this spectrum will be licensed to companies that provide consumers with wireless broadband.

Usually, there will be some indication on the TV itself, or in the manual.

Contact your local TV station and find out what channels contain digital broadcasts. (This is NOT the same as a cable set-top box.) The digital-to-analog converter goes between your antenna and the TV, and will convert the new digital broadcast signal to an analog signal that your analog TV can understand.

If you can tune into those channels, you've got a digital TV tuner, and you don't need to do anything. Get the make and model of your TV and check it out on the manufacturer's website, or ask at a local electronics store. And there's no reason you can't keep those old TV's in the basement or your camper, with a VCR or DVD player hooked up.

Another requirement states that all TVs sold after May 25, 2007 must have a digital tuner, or be clearly labelled as not having one.

So if you bought your TV within the past year or so, it's almost certainly digital.

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